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What Is The Fishing4Truth
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This Transformational Program is designed to 
Defeat Shame and Inadequacy, Hone Your Speaking Skillset, 
Increase Your Confidence in YOUR unique Call, 
Discover Ideal Ministry Expansion Opportunities
and more...
inside a Membership Community of Men & Women Leaders like YOU!

Our online community includes videos, workbook, and live zoom calls as well as a BooKClub.  There are 2-3 hours of zoom opportunities each week
 with Pastor Elaine and the other MasterClass members. 

Fishing4Truth's Purpose is Designing Professional & Interactive Resources that 
Help Christian Leaders Across the USA to Effectively and Intelligently: 

Become MORE than Conquerors! 

If You Want Professional Insights To Gaining Confidence as an Influencer...

Come And Be Part Of A Community Of Confident 
Christians From Across the Country!

Pastor Elaine was adopted by a child molester as a baby, and went on to become a licensed marriage and family therapist and ordained pastor.  She uses the combination of clinical training, experience, and Biblical studies to help Christian Leaders fulfill their Call with professionalism and confidence.

What's Included With My Program?

🔥 Identity Abuse Busters Christian Confidence Training Program 

Learn How to Crush Self-Doubt, Imposter Syndrome & Inadequacy and Boldly Live the Life God Intended For You, using this 12-Lesson Program, complete with Worksheets and Corresponding Videos. Pastor Elaine uses this same program for all of her individual coaching clients. Practical Homework is included for many of the lessons to help you apply the tools and promote transformation! Save yourself time and money searching for answers, and allow me to show you the Truths you will need to live the rest of your life as MORE than a Conqueror!

ADD ON #1*: Copy of Jesus is IN: Christian Counseling Simplified, by Pastor Elaine 

This Journal Style Book is Used By All Pastor Elaine’s Coaching Clients to Dig Deeper Into Transformative Learning And Enhance Spiritual Intelligence. With Nearly 20 Years of Professional Counseling Insights, Jesus is IN  will impact your perspective of spiritual intelligence and help you put practical tools into action.  Be sure to add your snail mail to your order to receive your copy as soon as possible!  *For USA members only.  Others will be able to access the digital version.

ADD ON #2: Full Access to Pastor Elaine's Guest Speaker videos 

Experience Again The Life-Changing Wisdom Shared During Sessions with Multiple Different Speakers! Access to Solid Influence and Encouragement for Kingdom Confidence to Keep the Transformation Flowing.  Speakers discuss everything from understanding your natural Genius to making fliers using Canva. The BONUS VAULT has recordings of interviews with a wide range of topics. Also various opportunities to participate in live zoom calls with guests.

ADD ON #3: Fishing4Truth Elite Master Class Membership 

This Community is specifically designed to encourage and enhance your learning integration!  You will meet members from across the country who desire a deeper walk of faith, passion unhindered by the lies of the enemy and empowered by Holy Spirit!  Make new friends and Get Fabulous Support From Leaders Looking for help just like you!  This is hosted through a private FaceBook group so you can post your homework and watch the video replays 24/7.  The typical MasterClass series lasts 6-months, with most students staying on to repeat the course and enjoy growing with the community. Some students have been in the community since it's inception in February of 2020. Students may remain in the community for as long as they like and are in good standing.

ADD ON #4: Weekly Live Training & Mentoring from Pastor Elaine

Join Pastor Elaine and Guest Speakers Inside the Fishing4Truth Elite Master Class for live training sessions 2+ times per week and learn invaluable Kingdom principles, Emotional Maturity concepts, Spiritual Intelligence skills, and Best in Class Speaker Training.  These sessions are experienced through weekly zoom meetings and each student gets to participate live.  The sessions are also streamed into the Facebook group for those who cannot join the zoom meeting.  They can be watched as a replay for those who want to go back and listen again to the process of each lesson.  The zoom sessions are Tuesday evenings 4-6pm PST and you can hop in at any time during those hours to participate. 

ADD ON #5: Weekly BookClub zoom interactive with Pastor Elaine  

Join Pastor Elaine and all the other members inside the Fishing4Truth Elite Master Class for BookClub. Every Monday morning we have BookClub, where we slowly walk through Pastor Elaine's Jesus is IN book.  We join together to experience growing in our love for others, God and ourselves.  These sessions are experienced through zoom and each student gets to participate live and continue year-round with the exception of a few holidays.  The sessions are also streamed into the Facebook group for those who cannot join the zoom meeting.  They can be watched as a replay for those who want to go back and listen again to the process of each lesson.  BookClub is at 8am PST.

ADD ON #6: Ministry Mapping and Lifestyle Design Modules 

Pastor Elaine added extra modules onto the program as students showed interest in learning the practical side of building Mission and Vision statements, SMART Goal setting, and more.  The worksheets and interactive teaching during these modules help the students put their learning into practical steps.  They learn how to apply their 'why' to a 'what' with a clear 'how' from the feedback of Pastor Elaine and the other students.  

ADD ON #7: Periodic Speaking Opportunities in live & on-line events 

Pastor Elaine  invites her students to participate in her online events as moderators, speakers, hosts and guests.  These events range from all-day summits to month-long revivals or simple 1-hr interviews.  Once students gain speaker training they have greater confidence in sharing their message and their unique insights God has given them.  These events help the students gain professional experience in their unique niche, expand their visibility, and is also a LOT of fun!

The Elite MasterClass with all of it's add ons has a total Annual Value of more than $17,000

The World Needs YOUR message to be shared with Confidence! 
Save yourself hours of frustration, loneliness, 
or uncertainty searching for ways to increase your impact . . . 
When you can find professional & intelligent
Christian Confidence, Spiritual Maturity, Ministry Building 
and Speaker Training
inside The Elite MasterClass.
We are TRULY vested in your success!

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What People Say About The Course:

“The Fishing4Truth Elite Master Class has been a wonderful help for me to get past some of the things that have tried to hold me back in my ministry and in everyday life. Most leaders, when honest with themselves, have struggled with self-doubt and some type of insecurity for many years. Pastor Elaine will help you to walk through, and then past, the lies that have held you back from seeing yourself as God sees you. Come and experience freedom in your ministry like never before. I understand more clearly that I have a seat at the table and that my voice needs to be heard.

~Pastor Rob Beckett 2022 – Elite MasterClass Student

“This class was so wonderful.  I really think that the content is top-notch and life changing.  It really is information that I think could change the landscape of the church, helping people to find true freedom in their own identity, in Christ.  I had never heard of Identity Abuse before and I think that it is a concept that needs to be shared throughout the Body of Christ.”

“Overall, Elaine, this class was truly wonderful.  I think that it was the content of it that really spoke to me personally.  Again, the insight you provide in this class is a game changer.  I really feel that the identity of the individual is under attack from the enemy.  So many people in the world struggle with identity.  If only we knew our true identity, it would change families, the church, communities, and so much more.  I personally have struggled much of my life with identity and found great healing through the insight that you offer.   Thank you so much for all you do!”

~Suzanne Plantenga 2021– Identity Abuse Buster eCourse Student

“This journey has restored me to the woman I always wanted to be, to the woman I knew I was, through this process I have found my voice, and never again will it be hushed, I have learned just how much I am worth, as a daughter of God, and now I have the utmost confidence to say I am worth more. 

Today I stand firmly knowing the value I have, and no longer fear settling or going back, I have learned how to think bigger and dream bigger because I have a big God. This journey has taught me I can do all things through God who is my strength, and in Him I will be victorious.”

~Beverly Galusha 2020 – Identity Abuse Buster Life Coaching Client